Interviews with young people in the gay area of Mexico City about the challenges the LGBTQ community faces today.

Eder Torres Díaz (31 years)

What is it like to be gay in Mexico City?

Luis Daniel Ledo Rosas (30 years)

Homophobia, something equally prohibited as customary.

Karla Garduño (24 years)

When, how and who to tell about your sexuality is a personal decision.

Berenice Estrada (29 years)

In Mexico: gays, lesbians and bisexuals face stigma and social rejection.

Rafael (21 years)

Metropolis of sexual diversity.

Andrés Eduardo Vázquez Cortés (21 years)

A constant fight against the fear of exposing their sexual preferences to society.

René (24 years)

Life experiences of young homosexuals.

Viridiana Uribe (29 years)

The key is not to obsess about it. Homophobia is a phenomenon that thrives on ignorance and many prejudices.

Javier Alejandro Toledo Guzmán (17 years)

Due to the slow progress made in regard to LGBTQ rights in Mexico City, young people still feel discriminated.